Help Your Skin Survive Winter (Walmart Style)

There are only two other hobbies in my life that I enjoy as much as learning about skincare: writing and running. For the past month, I decided to take a break from the blog and focus more of my energy on a writing project (yes…it was NaNoWriMo) and it was time well-spent!

Anyway, I have also been hesitant to return because, like most kick-starting bloggers, I wondered if anyone seems to care about what I was writing…or the advice I had to offer about skincare. Recently, however, I have been receiving so many questions from you (mostly FB friends and some family members) regarding specific skincare issues. I quickly realized three things that you (my audience) wants:

  1. Advice for your specific skin type.
  2. Cheap ($) options.
  3. Local options.

I always assumed that with the internet being such an advantage, I could provide you with better options through ordering online. However, I have realized that many of you don’t like the 3-5 day wait, or to pay extra for shipping, when you can just run across the street to your local Walmart, and get–what you may consider–just as good-quality of a product with the added luxury of receiving it promptly.

Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog | Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog | Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

However, if you’re going to shop at Walmart, please pick products with clean, skin-benefiting ingredients! It is so easy to see the claims made on the side of the bottle, or give into the $5 product vs. the $15 product, but I promise you that items with parabens, petroleum (pore clogging), and drying ingredients like Ethanol and Isopropyl alcohol and sulfates will only make your skin issues worse. Thus, I have created a list of advice, products/brands that you should look for at Walmart.

Water, Water, Water

Before you use anything on your skin, make sure your diet and drinking habits are in check. You may think you have a dry “skin type” now that winter has swept in, when in fact you’re simply dehydrated. They’re two very different things. Dry skin=Good thick moisturizer. Dehydrated skin=water, water, water. We’re supposed to drink 64oz. of water daily just to stay hydrated. One gallon if you’re trying to flush out your body. Either way, it’s a struggle. Here’s the trick: Get a good, sturdy water bottle.

Walmart, $11

Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog | Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

Yes to…Goodness
Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog | Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog | Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

Carrots, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Cucumbers, Coconut, Grapefruit…etc. I had never heard of the brand “Yes to” until I saw it at Walmart, and I tried their Yes to Cucumbers cleanser, and their Facial Wipes. I was hooked. If you struggle with acne-prone skin, I would recommend trying their

Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser

(also in solid bar form)

Walmart, $9

Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog| Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

Can’t Go Wrong with Burt’s Bees
Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog | Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog | Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

Burt’s Bees has been a constant for me. Stocking stuffers? Burt’s Bees chapstick. Dry hands? Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. Cracking skin around your nails? Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream. And every time I need an emergency cleanser or spot treatment, Burt’s Bees is my go to. I think this brand is way underrated for the results that I have received from it. Give it a try with a good, thick, hydrating moisturizer:

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream

Walmart, $16

Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog | Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

Look No Further
Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog | Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog | Help Your Skin Beat Winter (Walmart Style)

I’ve been in the Walmart in California, Idaho, and Utah, and they’re all pretty much set up the same way. When you go into the beauty section, there is a designated “Natural” section. Some literally are labeled “Natural.” When you find Burt’s Bees, you’ve hit the jackpot. You’ll also find similar natural brands such as: Yes To…, Avalon Organics, Alba Botanica, and Shea Moisture. Each of these brands I have tried, and I can attest to their good benefits for your skin. Sometimes it’s a constant test of trial-n-error with these brands, but that’s why I make sure to research a product before I walk into Walmart, or read through the reviews before buying a product.


How to Detox Your Skin

How to Detox Your Skin | Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog

How to Detox Your Skin | Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog

I hate when my skin gets in a funk. Usually, it is post stress-induced situation or post-traveling. Sometimes, it’s when I’ve been using too many makeup products on my face and haven’t given my skin a chance to breathe. And, I know, when I’m not eating good–whole grains, fruits, vegetables, small amounts of cheese and meat–it’s like waiting for a bomb to go off, and it’s out of my control. I will, without fail, get a breakout from eating too many processed foods/sugars. This happens to everyone, most of the time.

What is a Skin Detox?

Once I’ve returned to my normal, healthy eating habits, I like to do a skin detox. A skin detox is similar to doing a digestive system detox. You offer your skin a chance to self-cleanse by eliminating certain products for a set period of time to see faster results. There are 3 different ways of doing a skin detox, and each way is a more/less advanced at detoxing your skin.

1. No Makeup for 5-7 Days

   Pick a [week] when you plan to lounge around the house, or when you are feeling particularly rebellious. I promise you that if you have to see people, they won’t care that you’re makeup-free nearly as much as you think they will.”

–Adina Grigore, Skin Cleanse

This is a rather mild way of detoxing your skin. Actually, most women…and some men? should avoid wearing makeup on a daily basis. Makeup is meant to make you look older and more mature, but the reality is just that: makeup literally ages your skin faster. Thus, the less makeup you wear, the better. Try to just focus on your regular skincare routine morning and night. Add in a detoxing clay/charcoal mask a couple times through the week, and don’t forget to still apply your SPF moisturizer during the day.

2. Supplement Natural Products

The idea that you have to wash with products in order to get clean is marketing hype. Water cleans your skin, and your skin cleans your skin. It doesn’t [always] need soap–it needs a break. It needs to breathe.”

–Adina Grigore, Skin Cleanse

This routine concentrates on switching out a few of your store-bought skincare products with singular, natural products–in addition to avoiding makeup–for a week. For example, you could switch out your product cleanser with raw honey or castile soap; you could switch your conventional toner with a DIY Apple Cider Vinegar toner; or you could use Cold-pressed Olive oil or Avocado oil instead of your cream moisturizer. Whatever is easiest and available to supplement, do it! The less ingredients you’re applying to your skin, the easier it is on your skin to repair itself and fight off bacteria.

3. Nothing But Oil

Some of my clients love the challenge of going completely cold turkey, like I did. The second I suggest the idea of a product break, it’s as if they’ve been waiting for permission to abandon their beauty regimens their whole lives.”

–Adina Grigore, Skin Cleanse

The final and most effective way of detoxing your skin is taking a week-long break from makeup and all of your regular skincare products. You only use one thing morning and evening: oil. You use it to cleanse, tone, and moisturize all in one step. In the morning and the evening, rub your cold-pressed, extra virgin oil on your dry, makeup-free face, then splash with warm water 10 times. If there is still excess oil still on your face, don’t worry about it. This will be what keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day/night. Just pat dry with your face towel, and you’re good.

Which Oil Do I Use?

This depends on your skin type, but it also depends on your personal experience with certain oils. You can also mix a few oils together for extra nutrients. Here are a few recommendations for specific skin types:

All– Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil

Acne Prone/Oily– Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hazelnut Oil

Dry– Olive Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Coconut Oil

I also did this skin detox after I delivered my daughter because I felt like I hadn’t had the chance to properly do my skincare routine for 4 days. Plus, due to all the work my body was doing to recover and feed my daughter, my skin felt so dry, dull, and blemished along my jawline. This detox helped to reset my skin back to where it was before the delivery.

Comment below! 
What’s your favorite detox method?

What is the pH of My Skin?

What is the PH of My Skin? | Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog

What is the PH of My Skin? | Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog

Clear skin truly starts from the inside. What you eat can entirely affect the pH balance of your body and skin. And then what you apply topically can start to make a difference once you’ve balanced your internal pH.

What is a pH Scale?

In case you need a recap on middle school biology, the pH scale is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration [H+] in a liquid/object. Hydrogen ions are essential to our health because they assist in cellular processing within our body (serving as electron transporters).

What is My Skin's PH? | Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog

What is My Skin’s PH? | Fairest of Them All: A Skincare Blog

The Difference Between an Acid and a Base

Acids can give a hydrogen ion (or a proton), while bases obtain a hydrogen ion. H2O, or pure water, is the most neutral substance because it has a concentration of 7 (or 10 to the power of -7) hydrogen ions. It has the ability to act as both an acid and a base, thus making it the perfect neutralizer for our bodies. However, if you were to mix something acidic (like vinegar=pH of 2.4) with water, it can bump up the pH to 2.7, making it more neutral.

The Perfect Balanced Skin

Your surface layer (a.k.a the “moisture barrier”) is slightly acidic and has a pH between 4-7. Kerry Thompson and Coco Park, co-authors of Korean Beauty Secrets say:

Healthy skin tends to have a pH of 4.7 to 5.5, while higher pH levels are often accompanied by sensitivity, acne, and even eczema.”

When your skin is too basic/alkaline, it tends to get dry, sensitive, and flaky. Too acidic, and that’s when those horrible, deep pimples come in and things become really painful.

The human stomach is already pretty acidic, which is why eating high-alkaline foods and lots of water help to balance it out. This means, less stress on your body and your skin to try and compensate for unbalanced pH levels.

How to Test Your pH

You can easily pick up some pH paper/strips from or Walmart. You can test your body’s pH by dipping a strip in your urine or saliva. You can also test your products pH levels by dipping a strip in them, or (especially with your cleanser) mixing it with some water and rubbing a pH strip against the solution.

An ideal reading for your internal pH is 5.5. For products, it’s the same. I finally did this science project on my skin and products and these were my results:

Me: 6.0-6.5

Most of my cleansers that work with water were 6.0 by themselves.

My DIY toner and oil-based products were in the perfect 5.0-5.5 range.

Overall, I think this isn’t too bad of a rating. I could be eating less sweets and purchasing more mild cleansers. One recent recommendation I’ve heard about is the Su:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick which is made with fermented rose petals and has a perfect 5.5 pH level.