About the Author


Dear Fellow Skincare Epistemophiliacs,

I am a BYU-Idaho graduate, with a BA in English, emphasizing in Technical Writing. The gift that I was given through my education was thorough research. I learned to question and test every thesis, especially my own.

I am a home-grown California girl married to a native Italian for three and a half years this August (2016). Over the last few years, I have become quite cultured; hiking to the top of Half Dome, living in Italy and Switzerland twice over the past four years, swimming off the coast of Nice, and giving birth to a beautiful baby girl unmedicated.

I love to run, and believe in the power of lavender-salt baths and yoga. My biggest turn on towards anything is work. I am infatuated with grueling, dirty, push-you-to-your-limits hard work. I used to be an Apolo Anton Ohno fanatic, and I currently aspire to feed my brain 3 new books every month.

I wouldn’t be writing this blog if I wasn’t obsessively captivated by everything that has to do with skincare. Long-story-short, it started with gaining a knowledge of holistic medicine and our society’s toxic cosmetic products. I started researching more natural options, and then began branching out to study the philosophy of European and Asian skincare practices.

My desire for this blog, is that it may spark a yearning within you–whoever you may be, or whatever trials you have faced with acne/sun exposure/eczema–to learn more. More about your own individual health and needs. More about skincare, in general, and the science behind the products you’re making/using. And more about your inner beauty–enhancing your natural glow, rather than always trying to fake it with a powder highlight.


–Nicole Modugno



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