DIY Healing Serum

DIY Healing Serum | Fairest of them All : A Skincare Blog

DIY Healing Serum | Fairest of them All : A Skincare Blog

A serum is a nutrient-packed oil blend that you pat into your skin as a treatment, after using a toner or an essence. Whatever serum you decide to purchase is based on the type of anti-aging treatment you would like to focus on: brightening, wrinkle reduction, collagen production, or exfoliation.

This specific DIY serum will focus on scars and collagen production. I have linked each ingredient down below. Here’s a little information about each ingredient:

Avocado Oil: This oil is rich in essential fatty acids which assist in the skins’ natural barrier function and feed the epidermis. It can help sooth sunburns (being rich in Vitamin E + C), and literally helps rebuild collagen. A study done in 2013, confirmed:

avocado oil can promote increased collagen synthesis and decreased numbers of inflammatory cells during the wound-healing process and may thus be considered a new option for treating skin wounds

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba is a shrub that grows in North America, and the seeds of the shrub are press to make an oil that is moisturizing without clogging your pores. In fact, it literally “dissolves the sebum that clogs your pores, which gives you relief from acne and allows your skin to breathe more effectively,” says Letha Hadady, author of Asian Health Secrets.

Wheat Germ Oil: Wheat Germ is the heart of wheat (the center of the wheat berry), and is literally the “bread of life” for your skin. It’s infused with Vitamin A, D, B, antioxidants, and fatty acids. It is one of the base oils highest in Vitamin E content, meaning it also will help prevent scarring and skin damage.

Lavender: There has been so much hype about lavender oil, I’m sure I would just be a broken record.

Carrot Seed Oil: This essential oil is expressed by steaming the seed of the carrot, and is an all-purpose skin reliever. Carrot Seed oil is high in Vitamin A, which is the purest form of what cosmetic companies call “retinol.” Vitamin A / retinoids help to chemically exfoliate your skin and increase the rate of wound-healing/scarring.


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