My Favorite Water-Based Cleansers Under $10

A couple days before I created this blog, I sent out a survey. One of the posts that interested many of my readers was this one. This makes me so happy, knowing that I am catering to an audience that doesn’t give into the propaganda of consumerism. Don’t get me wrong. I love a little luxury once and a while, and I enjoy experiencing new brands. However, there should always a line when it comes to spending money. And there is no amount of money spent on products that could make up for the adventures this world has to offer, or true happiness that is exponentially greater than materialism.

My Favorite Water-Based Cleansers Under $10 | Fairest of them All: A Skincare Blog

My Favorite Water-Based Cleansers Under $10 | Fairest of them All: A Skincare Blog

Although a cleanser is only on your skin for a few seconds, it’s important to get one without sulfates or ethyl alcohol near the top of the ingredient list. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, this a sign your cleanser might have a main ingredient that is stripping it. Charlotte Cho, founder of the online Korean skincare company Soko Glam, concurs that

…tightness isn’t a sign of skin being clean, but a sign of damage. Cleansers that are too alkaline over dry your skin…it can also make your oil glands try to overcorrect by producing too much oil.

My husband and I have used and experienced great results with the following cleansers. If you’re interested, you can click on each cleanser to see where to purchase it.


There’s something nice about a fresh bar of soap. It’s simple, tangible, and savory in a minimalistic sort of way. Black Soap is a traditional remedy in Africa for its healing properties and nourishing source of Vitamin E (typically known for fading scars). This hardened mixture of plant-based ashes, oils, and oats is soothing to sensitive skin, yet helps to gently exfoliate when used with a wash cloth.

RAW HONEY [$6-8]

Who wouldn’t want to smear honey all over their face at the end of the day? Seriously though, this cleanser is a treat. Literally. And it’s one of the cheapest, long-lasting cleansers I’ve bought. There is a significant difference between regular honey and raw honey so it’s important to look for a thick, unmoving raw honey online, in your local Sprouts or Winco. Raw Honey, which is unfiltered and contains pureed pollen has a much higher antibacterial rate. That means that this natural cleanser will help to prevent acne from popping up. My teenage brother used it a few years ago when I came to visit and he attested that it felt “so soothing” on his broken-out skin.


This cleanser is my standard go-to when I need to grab something quick, local, and cheap. It’s so invigorating with a hint of menthol to add a cooling affect. Yet, it’s also super soothing and calming with the camomile and aloe ingredients. The fatty oils & alcohol help keep your skin moisturized, while healing it with the Vitamin E, soap bark, and plant extracts. I like using my Olay Pro-X brush (that’s one-fourth/one-eighth the cost of a Clarisonic) for a nice deep clean.


I originally bought this Men’s cleanser for my husband. He resorted to using hand-soap on his face before, which cleaned his face, but also combatted the drying ingredients by filling up his pores with sebum. This resulted in constant blackheads around his nose. Bulldog cleanser is plain, herbal-smelling, and has 8 essential oils in it. After just one week of using this morning and night, the blackheads on my husband’s nose were gone and his pores had shrunk immensely!


This Korean cleanser is an acne-fighting machine with tea tree oil and salicylic acid! Tea tree is a natural anti-inflammatory and sterilizer, while salicylic acid helps to exfoliate dead skin cells. You get a large bottle for a great price, and only need a pea-sized amount each time you use it because it froths up into a rich, RICH lather. The first time I used this, I squirted out a nickel-sized amount, and soon realized I had way too much. It will probably last you, at least, a year.

Have you tried any of these cleansers? Do you have any favorite budget-friendly cleansers? Let me know in the comment section below!


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